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Prophetic Resistance Podcast

Aug 9, 2019

Today - five years after the killing of Michael Brown Jr - we are re-releasing our conversation with the Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould of Missouri Faith Voices, an affiliate of Faith in Action.  She was one of the first pastors to issue a clarion call to clergy and faith leaders to go to Ferguson, Missouri. This episode was part of our beta launch into this conversation about prophetic resistance.  It was recorded in the fall of 2016, just two years after the Ferguson Uprising.  The conversation with Dr. Gould was contexted by our struggle to change the way that Black people experienced life in communities like Ferguson. And it was contexted by the then-upcoming 2016 presidential election. We are still struggling with the consequences of that election, particularly the racist policies and rhetoric of this administration. And as Faith in Action, along with many justice organizations, prepares for another electoral and census season, we invite you to listen to this episode and remember  Michael Brown, Jr and the power of a movement born out of tragedy.