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Prophetic Resistance Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

This special episode is themed “ What My Mama Taught Me: Black Women, Voting Power and Prophetic Witness” and features Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould and Bishop Dwayne Royster. In this election cycle, with so much at stake for our families and communities, the Prophetic Resistance podcast and Faith in Action is mobilizing people of faith and moral values across our nation to exercise their vote as a fundamental expression of our faith commitment. Listen to Dr. Gould and Bishop Royster connect the wisdom teachings of their mothers - who were activists and organizers in their own right - to our current clarion call to leverage our voting power and lean into our prophetic witness on Election Day and beyond. Dr. Gould is the executive director of Missouri Faith Voices. Bishop Dwayne Royster is the interim executive director of POWER Interfaith and the northeast regional director for Faith in Action.  Show Notes: Learn More about Missouri Faith Voices here. Learn more about POWER here. Connect to the Rise + Vote toolkit here. Learn more about the film Rigged here.