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Prophetic Resistance Podcast

Jul 28, 2021

Our guest today is Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, author of I Bring the Voices of My People: A Womanist Vision for Racial Reconciliation, and Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of Strength, and contributor to the book A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal.

Dr. Barnes, is a clinical psychologist, public theologian, ecumenical minister, and university and seminary professor.  In this episode, she talks with Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews about her call to ministry and centering the stories and experiences of Black women. She challenges “good Christians” to wrestle with their complicity in racism.  And she reminds us that racial reconciliation starts with actually doing the hard work of healing and justice. We invite you to listen to this conversation with Dr. Barnes and to read her books. Wherever we sit on the race, gender, faith, or movement spectrums, Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes has a word of wisdom for all of us.