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Prophetic Resistance Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

*A Production Note: The sound varies throughout the recording. Listeners may need to adjust their volume. In this episode, we talk with three powerful faith leaders about the stories, traditions, and practices that they turn to in times of crisis. We recorded the panel in February 2020, before the Coronavirus pandemic forced all of us to redesign the ways that we worship, organize and interact with one another. But this conversation with Imam Asad Zaman, Rev. Billy Michael Honor, and Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones still sparks our imagination about faith that can live outside our gurdwaras, mosques, synagogues, and houses of worship and reminds us that by engaging the best of our traditions, we can build true human solidarity together. 

Show Notes: Visit to learn more about Isaiah, a federation of Faith in Action.  Visit to learn more about The New Georgia Project, a partner of Faith in Action. Visit to learn more about PACT, a federation of Faith in Action.