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Prophetic Resistance Podcast

Feb 27, 2019

This episode was recorded live in December 2018 in  Los Angeles, California, at a Deeper Roots cohort gathering.  Deeper Roots is a special project and cohort of clergy and faith leaders affiliated with LA Voice, a member of Faith in Action. Our guest and presenter for the day was the Reverend angel Kyodo williams.  We talked with Reverend angel about love and justice, the idea of prophetic resistance and the building of a new America.

Reverend angel is the founder of the Center for Transformative Change in Berkeley, California. She builds presence-centered social justice movements and sparks national conversations about how transforming society is connected to transforming our inner lives. Ordained as a Zen priest, she is a Sensei, only the second black woman recognized as a teacher in the Japanese Zen lineage. Learn more at

In our conversation, Rev. Angel described love as the spaces and places where we are enabled and empowered to be free. Dr. Martin Luther King describes power as love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.

We are asking you - our listeners and  Beloved Community - where do you find love?  In the midst of deep pain and struggle, what does love look like your communities and your justice work?

Share your answers with us via social media. You can find us on Twitter @WeResistPodcast.  You can also find our Page on Facebook at Prophetic Resistance Project.

We will incorporate your responses in a future episode.